Tumbleweed Connection


The Queen


Insane Larc Detrevni


Favourite Tree

Mandolin Song


Visa om igår

Han satt vid ån

Whole album stream (m3u)

In 2002 Carl started “Tumbleweed Connection”. It was a folk/rock project with a philosophy and goal built on the question “Is it possible to make music that rocks with a single acoustic guitar?”

Carl contacted his friend from “Earthbridge Youthfarm”, singer Patrik Hellgren to record a song called “Insane Larc Detrevni”. The title referred to the state of mind Carl was in at the time, almost going mentally disturbed by all ideas filling his head without ever getting an outlet.

Therefore, the song was important at the time. Carl also felt good that the result ended up well.

He made more songs to the duo and set up an objective:
Before starting the rehearsals, they should have recorded at least ten songs of their own. The reason was why Carl refused to play covers.

The demo was done in May 2003.
Tumbleweed received a couple of fan mails and as an impulse Carl sends
some of the bands songs to a demo contest, held by Aftonbladet. The first price was to play at “Hultsfredsfestvalen”. This included interviews and a recording of the performance to be sent in ZTV.

A Tuesday in June, Carl receives a phone call at work telling him that they’d won the contest. Without having started rehearse yet, the band should do their performance at Friday the same week…

At Thursday Carl arrived at Hultsfred. There he met Patrik, having his worst hung-over-sickness ever. Later that day the rehearsing got started.

As the performance should take place the next day, nervousness and a state of anxiety started to get into their heads.

At Friday 13 th(!) of June 2003, the first and only Tumbleweed connection performance took place. As expected from the both Tumbleweed members, it didn’t end up very well. Still, they got interviewed and one of the songs got air time at ZTV.

Sadly the Tumbleweed project had to die shortly afterwards.
Singer Patrik Hellgren moved to a town in southern Sweden and Carl has still not decided to continue with another singer.

All songs in the Tumbleweed Connection demo are also avaliable to download under the “Music” section.

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