This blog is about the experimental music of Carl Aberatio.

Genres may be everything (Classical, industrial, electronica, rock, metal, punk, folk, singer/songwriter, etc.).
Much of the music is made for films, imaginary or real ones. Or made with the purpose to give inspiration for visual ideas of scenes, films and movies.

The music may deviate a bit from the music you’re normally listening to.
I call this deviation “aberatism”.

All songs are free to download.


Phone: +46 (0)763 18 00 39
Or E-mail

Equipment I use: Check it out!

One thought on “About”

  1. Hello !
    Don\’t worry, I also downloaded a lot of your stuff after we met in Odencafe. It would be pretentious to say I already fully listened to them so I can comment (will do that too), but there were really good stuff. I think I like more your instrumental tracks (as opposed to electronic), but I guess it\’s a question of taste… In any case, they were really inspiring ! I don\’t have so many visitors on my site, but I might link to you in the forthcoming weeks.

    This has nothing to do, but if I could give you an advice, you should listen to : Boards Of Canada/Geogaddi and check out the craziest man of the world : http://www.costes.org/mp3.htm. He\’s french and does maybe the most extreme music ever. I hope you won\’t be too shocked…But as we said, good things are often dark, or what ?

    Also http://www.archive.org/details/ird059 is very experimental

    osv…. I stop spamming…
    Hare så bra

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This blog contains the experimental music of Carl Aberatio. All songs are free to download