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Red volume

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Music and artists:
Best site in Sweden for unsigned bands.


Popmusic influenced by such as Robert Drasnin, Ennio Morricone and Serge Gainsbourg.

A one man project.

Gasoline Please

Hardcore/punk band from San Diego. Like a mixture between Refused and The Stooges 🙂
Full of energy. I love it.

Mashbrick and the Horns of Plenty

Band from the southern parts of Sweden playing acoustic pop/rock. Influences from country, jazz and the 60’s

Small swedish (mostly) electronic internet-label.


Electronical music from Austria. Way above the standard level of homemaking techno artists. All songs are free!

Pacta Sunt Servanda
Experimental music. Nice musical landscapes. Gyorgy Ligeti or John Cage in a 21st century reincarnation.

Ninja Massacre

The Live by Night
Nice rock/pop. Distorted keyboards.

Kalamare Beat Club
I love em. Genre? Well, like “Air” but more force. And more rock. They call it “agent music”.

Minimalistic electronica. “The idea of Oplen is to make music by using electronic equipment and effects outside the computer, just record and mix into the computer”

Belongs to the Kalamare Beat Club and Oplen lab.

Amazing pop music.

Wide in terms of genres. In general you’ll find Depeche-like music. But also rock, ambient and his synthproject “Segment 26”.

Terror Punk Syndicate
Synth. Among the best I’ve heard in this genre.

Minute Gun
Fresh and unique pop. I’m hooked on “Race with me”.

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This blog contains the experimental music of Carl Aberatio. All songs are free to download