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So, whats happened?

Is Carl Aberatio dead?

No, far from it. Whats happened is that I’ve lost my 30 last (under construction) songs in a hard drive crash. For a while I belived everything was gone (’bout 250-300 songs) but I found a backup.

Not a very recent one though. So, 30 songs are gone. A matter that explains my lack of creativity the last couple of months.

How about your health? Are you feeling ok?

It was depression mixed with anger there for about a week. But I am feeling better now and I’ve learned my lesson: Make back-ups as often as possible.

How does this accident affect your music, your new songs?

I belive there will be a change, not a big one, but a change. I have to build up a new library of samples again and that will change the music I suppose. How much depends on what kind of samples I’ll manage to get.

When is it possible to hear the next song by Carl Aberatio?

It will now take a longer period of time between the new songs, thats another change. But there will be at least one new song this month, perhaps even this week.